New Flooring | Engineered & Real Wood Flooring, Huddersfield

Engineered & Real Wood Flooring, Supply & Fitting Service

Installing a new wood floor can make a huge difference to your interior.

At AV Flooring Ltd we offer professional wooden flooring installation in and around Huddersfield, for either engineered or real wood flooring. Our staff are experienced, expert wooden floor fitters.

To ensure a safe, long-lasting and quality finish with a new wood floor, it is essential that you use a flooring installation specialist, which is where we can help. We can help with your decisions by providing a range of wood floor samples and a free, no obligation quotation for your new floor installation.

Laying beautiful wood flooring takes precision and planning. Here’s a glimpse into the process:

  1. Prep is Key: The subfloor is leveled and secured, with moisture barriers and underlayment installed for optimal support and comfort.

  2. Layout & Planks: The installation method (nail-down, glue-down, etc.) guides the layout. Planks are strategically cut and placed, ensuring expansion gaps and a visually pleasing pattern.

  3. Securing & Finishing: Depending on the method, planks are nailed, glued, or clicked into place. Once secured, trims are installed, and the floor is sanded and finished (if unfinished) for a flawless look.

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Hardwood Flooring being fitted in Huddersfield by AV Flooring